50 Cent to feed 1 billion African children

Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent is a man whom meets his goals. Beyond the obvious; rising up from the streets of Jamaica, Queens and becoming one of the most successful rappers the game has seen, he set his eyes on acting, writing and beverages. After starring in major movie releases with the likes of Robert DeNiro, Bruce Willis and Al Pacino it was fair to say that he established some credibility in the film business. Then he paired up with best-selling author Robert Greene (The 48 Laws of Power, The Law of Attraction) and released, “The 50th Law” which instatnly became a success, dwelling on “Fearlessness” as the most important and strong law of success and power, with 50 as a prime example. All while persuing these goals, 50 has been releasing music and keeping a solid fan base around the world. His Vitamin Water business deal not only landed him 400 million dollars, but also cemented him as a more diverse business entrepreneur.

Now 50 has his eye on something much bigger.

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A trip to the World Cup in Africa opened his eyes to rampant poverty and hunger across the continent. Back home, 50 and his trusted manager Chris Lighty began brainstorming ways he could help kids born with the odds stacked against them.

They immediately thought of Chris Clarke, the entrepreneur behind Pure Growth Partners. PGP’s revolutionary mission is to find and create sustainable brands using a “one for one” give-back component to donate directly to the world’s most effective charities.

Together, they conceived a product that perfectly fit 50’s driven persona and their mutual desire to make a difference: the Street King energy shot. Street King provides focus and energy, two qualities 50 credits with being crucial to his success. And every single bottle of Street King purchased will furnish a meal for an impoverished child.

Providing his fans worldwide with positive energy – while helping children get the nutrition they need – is just the kind of powerful impact 50 has been longing to make. Now Street King Energy Shots are here to turbo-charge your drive to succeed at whatever you do. And you’ll not only feel good, you’ll feel good about yourself, too.

In addition to marketing this concept on the streets of Manhatten and releasing youtube videos where he discusses the importance of feeding a billion african children, 50 has been releasing a track every few days, all with the title, “Street King Energy” followed by the number of the release. Most fans are either commenting that “50 is back!” or “50 never left” – Either way, most agree that the releases he has put out in marketing for #SK have been way better than any of his album releases the last few years. Either way, no one can argue that the man hasn’t set his goals on something the richest and most powerful have been ignoring.

50 Speaks on Street King:

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