The American (2010)

George Clooney is Jack, a master craftsman and assassin. He is ready to be out though, ready to be finished with this lonely lifestyle. He runs into trouble in Sweden and retreats to a small town in Italy where he works on building a weapon for a Belgian woman. He often retreats to a spot in the woods, where a stream runs free. Jack though, has no one he can be totally free with. He remains trapped, pacing on the edge of retreat. Sometimes we find ourselves learning about Jack through his conversations with a priest of the town, Father Benedetto.

He does find someone though, a beautiful prostitute in the town brothel. However, he suspects her as being a part of the other side, those out to get him when he finds her with a gun. His instinct keeps him alive when he finds clues like this in other situations, but it keeps him distant and alone. His paranoia runs rampant in a very disclosed, calm way.

Throughout the movie there’s a hidden yearning to unleash his buried emotions, yet, he remains all business. This is necessary though, his business keeps him alive, but also has him flirting with death much more then is recommended even for a skilled assassin.

The movie is very slow and could be called boring. However, its intense drama and patient demeanor make the more lively scenes that much more enjoyable. The cinematography and editing is what keeps the movie alive. The traditions of gather supplies and the step by step processes that Jack endures could bore some, but keeps those interested and grips them by the artistic fashion in each cut. His M.O. is made the most riveting it could be without sacrificing feelings due to arise from the plot. Definitely worthy of at least one viewing.

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