Alex Scozia
Alex Scozia
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I live in Chicago and my interests include web, graphic and interaction design. I also enjoy producing music, writing, photography and travel. Keep Exploring.

Mad Dogs (2015-2016)

I’m very happy I stumbled on Mad Dogs when I decided it was time to give Amazon Prime Video original programming a chance. I watched the trailer and binge watched it in two days. It…

The Himalayas from 20,000 feet

Check out this incredible view of the Himalayas filmed from a helicopter with a crew from 4,600 – 24,000 feet up high. These staggering heights providing a serene video that is meant to relax an…

Samsung Gear VR

Gone are the days of waiting in a video game mall to pay $25 to wait and play a virtual reality game for 5 minutes – followed by feeling like you just got ripped off. Things just got a lot bette…