Straight out of London, Eurogang is comprised of British rappers S.A.S (Mega and Mayhem), Haze, Skrilla Kid Villain, Bigz and Rephan. These Brits have been a staple in Britain’s Hip Hop scene since they were ‘signed’ to The Diplomats (Dipset), and then dropped in 2007. There’s been some shady drama with some of the members of Dipset New York and Eurogang in England, but it appears that Eurogang is moving on and doing its own thing, repping Dipset, but clearly repping the new Dipset, which goes to it’s newly awaken general, Cam’ron who’s back on the scene releasing new albums and mixtapes like he used to.

Since their beginning they have had a ruthless global mixtape campaign and have sold well over 75,000 units worldwide. Their latest two mixtapes, “We Built This City Pt. 2” and “And Then There Was Us” are by far their best work yet, featuring Cam’ron, Justice, Max B, and Styles P to name a few. Not only are the beats progressive, smooth and awesome – but Eurogang’s unique British lyrical style is something that seems to be finally catching on as well as becoming very natural to the gang.

So although the gang isn’t signed yet – this is a warning – they are breaking through and should be running more then just Britain’s Hip Hop scene sometime soon.

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