Father & Son Send iPhone & HD Camera Into Space

A father and son from Brooklyn, NY did the research and ended up making their own hybrid space-device that was able to record HD video of the earth’s stratosphere, clearly showing the curvature of our beautiful planet. The two did all of this with just a balloon, iphone (for it’s GPS capabilities), HD video camera and stabilizers. These guys did what Nasa does for a fraction of the price.

Given there were eight months of researching and testing were invested in their homemade craft before the launch in Newburgh, NY. The phone ended up reaching a height of 100,000 feet before the balloon burst and begin its decent. It landed only 30 miles from the launch site and was recovered by the son as he found the LED light shining on the device while it was hanging in a tree. Noble prize anyone?

This is the best science experiment we’ve seen in a while. The process and outcome are outlined in the video.

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