Home (2009)

The film HOME, which was released June 5th of this year for free on YouTube and through other mediums such as .mp4 download, is something remarkable. Directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, HOME is a project that was financed by PBR, a French company that specializes in retail shops and clothing chains. One of the first logos that appears in the documentary is Gucci, then more famous names are dropped for about 15 seconds, then the propaganda ends and the realness begins.

The film drives home the fact that we are all linked on this planet, we all share the same ecosystem, and that what happens on one end of the planet, affects us all, no matter where we are, or aren’t (in the case of Antarctica).

The documentary is wholeheartedly incredible aerial views with epiphany-worthy narration. The facts that are presented are not only mindblowing, as well as true – but they are extremely relevant concerning TIME. This documentary is so recent that with facts that are backed with aerial views that illustrate (instead of describe, like Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” did with PowerPoint slides) what is going in the world, zooming in on the looming effects of globalization.

Showing the food chain created by our short-term industrial minds, HOME has a way of upsetting the viewer for a few minutes before uplifting them with what is now going on around the world, despite the greed held by the few.

There are so many incredible facts that everyone should be aware of that are presented in this film. Since there is no copywrite on HOME, it’s important we, the people, use it as our propaganda. Some of the grandest retail organizations in the world have forked out the money to produce it.

Does it seem like they have a certain agenda in this documentary?

Not at all. No agenda can be seen, because no bias can be detected. Every statement presented in HOME is followed with a stunning High Definition view of what they are referring to. It is recomended that this film be shown everywhere, in every instance, school, work, home, etc.

Please give it a chance, enjoy it, and spread the word!

In the meantime, think about just a few of the facts presented in HOME:

“A liter of oil produces as much energy as 100 pairs of hands in 24 hours.”

“Half the population of the world tills the soil, over three quarters off them by hand.”

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