Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreak

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  1. Skalla says:

    It is the worst music I have ever heard from Kanye!! Take the stupid t-pain thing out of your mouth and rap for a change. It was tight in the “put on” song with Young Jeezy, but that doesn’t warrant making a whole CD with that style. Rap…you are not t-pain!! People should stop playing, requesting, and buying this music. The lyrics are horrible and there is zero talent. Kanye, get your act together because this CD is a flop!!! I am ashamed to be from the same city as him. If I turn on the radio or go to a club one more time and hear that heartless song, I might kill myself.

    This CD = Garbage

  2. cciulla says:

    What’s up Skalla? Whats good everyone?

    Sorry to say this but I’m gonna have to “agree to disagree” as my man Weezy would say. Sure, 808’s & Heartbreaks was an unexpected drop from Kanye, but thats just Kanye’s weird style right now and if you look around there seems to be a following of people rockin’ his look. I also want to mention that he has already gotten back to rapping in his recent track with The Dream titled “Walking on the Moon.” Back to 808s, artistically I thought this album had dark, electronic, 80’s sound that was fitting with coldest winter we’ve had in Chicago in a minute. Yea, it was dark and a little weird at times but, even Picasso had a blue period! He is just expressing himself in the loss of his mother and isn’t that what music and art is all about, expression? But wait you say music is a business right??? You gotta sell it. So, then listen to the latest track Kanye is featured in titled, “I’m the shit remix” feat. Kanye West (DJ Class). Kanye West says “Still top ten about 15 weeks later…That’s a middle finger to you 808 Haters!” This guys about Louey V’s & Pumas ($$$), not making everyone happy.


    3/4 stars

  3. Skalla says:

    What poppin Ciulla? Its been a long time!! I saw Joey the other day.

    I think people are giving him way too much credit. He put together a half-ass CD and did the T-pain thing to get some listeners. I agree that it was a good move in terms of business, but as an artist its horrible. When the first Kanye CD dropped, Kanye had a unique style. There is nothing unique about his latest CD. He just did the t-pain thing and wrote shitty lyrics that mainstream listeners want to hear. He is no longer unique…he is mainstream. Even artists like Lil Wayne, who has mainstream hits, releases mixtape jams and diversifies his music. Kanye is making money and the radio loves him, but he has lost the uniqueness and creativity that I (and others) liked about him. Just turn on B96 and there is plenty of music like the garbage on this CD. You can only listen for a couple minutes and you have to turn it off…because its talentless. The business is about making money, so its no longer about being unique and having your own style?

    Regardless, everybody has their own opinions and preferences when it comes to music. Kanye…please come out with some jams like “American Boy” that was hot!!

    (Can DIPSET come out with something new already?)


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