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JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS, a few friends were having dinner wondering what personal actions they could take to help limit the power of the big banks and create a more sane, stable financial system. How, they wondered, could they help end the era of Too Big To Fail? The financier at the table recommended that everyone could move their money out of the Wall Street banks and into community banks. Mission:Move your money to a small bank or credit union. To find a small bank near you, visit http://moveyourmoney.info and click on the button that says Find A Bank Or Credit Union.

There are dozens of other possibilities: You can get your friends or organizations to do the same. You can use your online social networks to help broadcast the idea. You can look into where your town government keeps its money and, if it uses a big bank, you could try to get it to use a smaller bank.”

The above statement is from moveyourmoney.info – visit for up to date information regarding this project.

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    great post as usual!

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