Rick Ross's 'Teflon Don' Barely Drops

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  1. Jamie Clemons says:

    So do you hate 50 Cent as well for stealing his name from someone else?

  2. Flex says:

    50 stole his name from a local stick-up kid who was killed before Curtis adopted the name. The name “50 Cent” is a metaphor for change. Rick Ross isn’t a metaphor for anything, and the real Rick Ross is alive, therefore its not a tribute to a fallen underground king, but a way of stealing fame from one of the biggest drug-runners of our era.

    So, nah I don’t hate 50 for that, but I do agree with Carmine Agnello- ask anyone in NY and see what they say when you ask them who goes by ‘Teflon Don.’


  3. Jamie Clemons says:

    I actually have always agreed with Freeway Ricky Ross, and he has made valid arguments. But for the same reasons people disagree with Rick Ross naming an album titled “Teflon Don”, they also should had disagreed with 50 Cent for having an album titled in reference to The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, something he had no connection to and nothing to do with.

    At least Dipset is back together now because they’re about to put out more fire than either of them.

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