Risky Business (1983)

I’ve heard tons of rhetoric concerning Risky Business and its worthiness of the title “80’s Classic,” I can’t say that I have come to a decision yet, but I can provide reasons why this movie still blows minds.

Boasting actors and actresses like Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay it wasn’t short stacked when it comes to that, but plot wise, I am not sure if it was that great. I mean sure all of these 80’s movies had similar plots (you know the movies with John Cusak and that curly haired fellow who was always a coke head). I guess that’s what makes this movie classic though. Taking the typical 80’s plot, (involving teenagers in some sort of silly trouble) and going from there. Tom Cruise did a great job at being the spoiled North Shore brat, and Rebecca did a great job at being the sophisticated call girl. But I don’t know if this movie is as great as everyone says it is. The best part of this movie is It doesn’t need foul play or foul language to make it a success like todays movies. It accurately describes life in the north shore as a teenager, and shows you how a teenage boy can get mixed up in unfortunate events due to the following of his horomones.

Okay, the classic, best scene of this movie is the love scene on the El in Chicago. Given it would be nothing without young Cruise picking up the bum and throwing him off the train, it was indeed well done. Also without Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” in the background it would have been a disaster. But since this scene included both of these little tidbits it was a marvelous success. This scene has marked a moment in my life that won’t leave my head ever. When a movie scene can have this impression on you, it’s gotta be well done, and this was.

Aside from a couple great scenes, its overall message is awesome. “Sometimes you gotta say what the fuck.” Genious. The fact that a movie came out and showed this once confused nerd a lesson that is by far the most important in life, made this movie a success. Joel, does quite well in everything, and then looses it all, but in the end learns one of the most valuable lessons known to man. That infamous quote at the end after Joel gets into Princeton just shows that you don’t have to be a bent up dork to do well, you need to let go, and let the chips fall where they may. This movie gives the viewer a great message/moral, and I guess still remains a classic.

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