Thirty Seconds to Mars – Hurricane

Off of ‘This is War,’ the latest full length release from actor Jared Leto’s outfit, Hurricane – is something of an epic. The song, in plain radio format, is an introspective industrial / melodic confusion that keeps one’s appetite hungry for more. The chorus does real well for filling up that desire, and does even better fitting things together in the 13 minute video, directed by Bartholomew Cubbins (Jared Leto’s pseudonym). One would have to take viewing after viewing in this epic to understand Cubbins’ goal. Many out there agree that there is no moral, no lesson, no meaning to the video. While others contenst that it’s three chapters, (birth, life, death) and its focus on keys, locks, distractions and demons – show the struggles and the methodology to this life we all share.

Cubbins’ takes it further and includes elements that look as if they were directly borrowed from Stanley Kubrick’s, ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’ This however isn’t surprising after realizing Cubbins directed the video, ‘The Kill’ which mimicked ‘The Shining.’

If you feel you can handle new material and innovative, risque concepts, give this video a try. Chances are you’ll be confused throughout the viewing of it, as what seems to be the goal of the director. The amount of symbolism in this video is ridiculous. If you are daring enough, hit up Google and find the uncensored video, but don’t watch it at night or you’ll probably have some bizaare twisted dreams. Rest assured you will find your own conclusion to this trip through another world.


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