Top 10 80s movie montages

There’s nothing like watching a classic 80’s movie when all of a sudden, motivation music kicks on, and whomever the protagonist is, starts reflecting, or progressing. This definitely got people hyped in the 80’s and still connects with a few. Try not to realize how incredibly corny everything is, it’s almost impossible to watch more than 5 seconds of the Over the Top montage without cracking up. Also, I’m pretty sure Stallone is in about 7/10 of these, but you try finding montages that don’t have him in them – It’s not easy.
    1. Scarface – “Push it to the Limit”

    1. Rocky IV – “No Easy Way Out”

    1. Karate Kid – “You’re the Best Around”

    1. Rocky II – Training

    1. Teen Wolf – “Win In The End”

    1. Rocky III – Training

    1. Over The Top

    1. Rocky IV – Training

    1. Bloodsport – Training

    1. The Color of Money – “Werewolves in London”

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