Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review

From Rebecca Black to Google+, to the more serious events like the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement, one can only revel in the year we’ve just had. Thanks to Google, we can find out what this year has meant, straight from the minds, through the fingers, and ending up on as search results. The annual Zeitgeist video, set to Matt Kearney’s “Sooner or Later” is something of a masterpiece. It will give you the chills and it will remind you that we are all connected and that we all made it through another year. Yes there were sacrifices, pains and hardships, but there were also huge leaps in our collective conscience. The Zeitgeist video includes all sorts of data including the memorable and the things we wish were not-so-memorable, such as Rebecca Black’s ridiculous and grandiose “Friday” epic. Still, with so much information packed in just over two minutes, it’s a video that’s hard to watch only once, and important to see as a citizen of the world. Even though every clip (besides the over-plugging of Google+) is sure to drag emotion out of you, one of the more memorable clips is when the music slows for Steve Jobs to read “Stay hungry, stay foolish,” during his Stanford commencement speech, sound advice from one of the most influential people in our lifetime.

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